Although the NUSA 2020 Conference cannot be held, we will focus on ways our organization can continue to honor the legacy of those who founded Neighborhoods, USA more than 45 years ago - by working together to build stronger communities!





         Coming May 26, 2020!

NUSA Website - We've been wokring behind the scenes to redesign this website and look forward to sharing it with you soon!
2020 Awards - We will honor the outstanding efforts of our award applicants by annoucing the winners of the NUSA 2020 Awards. Award winners will be shared in a special May edition of the NUSA Newsletter, on the NUSA website and with the media.
2020-21 Elections - To ensure the work of our organization continues, online elections will be held.
We want our new website to showcase communities from all across our country. Show us your community pride by sending 1-2 high-quality photos of your neighbors in action.
Be sure to include your name and contact information in your email to: 




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